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Here is a list of services we offer with current pricing. We offer dog walking, pet sitting. Pricing depends on the number of pets, service needed and visit time. Dog walking and pet sitting lasts approximately 30 minutes and includes feeding, fresh water, pet waste pick up, litter box cleaning. Additional services upon request include, watering plants, bringing in the mail/newspaper, administering medication, Fee may apply for these additional services.

Dog Walking


We offer an occasional dog walk if needed or walks on a regular basis, whatever works for your schedule. Each visit is approximately 30minutes and then we help get your pet settled in before we leave. We can also feed or follow specific instructions if requested. If you prefer more time that can also be requested, we would love to help.


$22.00 up to 2 pets, visit approx. 30 minutes

$2.00 ea additional pet


Pet Sitting
Pet sitting involves entering your home and taking care of your animal. Whether it be to check in on your pet, feeding them or just keeping them company, it's your call we do it all. Visits are 30 minutes unless you request longer for an additional fee. We can turn lights on or off, retrieve mail, water plants and more so that you know all is well at home with no interruptions while you are away. We are willing to work with your needs in order to make your pet feel as comfortable as possible.


$22.00 up to 2 pets, visit approx. 30 minutes

$2.00 ea. additional pet

Extra Needed Love & Care


We know and understand a lot of people worry about their animals when they are away either at work and have a long day or gone on a vacation to get some R&R. Now you can have us stay a little longer and give that extra care you may think your animal needs. Whether it be playing, comforting, teaching some training procedures that you are working on, whatever the case may be. Sometimes when the 30m just isn't long enough there is comfort in knowing a little extra TLC is being given. If you would like a longer walk that also works too, we are here to make not only the owner comfortable but also your pet, its very important to us to keep every one at ease. We will be happy to walk you through the process of knowing all is well and the best care is being given.


Give us a call for rates and to Discuss your needs



Animal Communication

Tell us your questions or concerns for your pet and let them know we will be contacting them with your questions, you will need to provide a picture of your pet before the session.  We set up a time to communicate with your pet and then email or call you with their response. We use a telepathic connection to communicate with your animal whether living or passed on. Animals can communicate in many ways, they choose what they are comfortable with.



 35 minutes (1 pet generally 3-5 questions)   $55.00

 45 minutes (2 pets generally 4-8 questions) $95.00

 60 minutes (3 pets generally 6-10 questions) $135.00

Additional Services


Please contact us to schedule the intial consultation which takes approximatley 30-45 minutes. During the consulation we will meet you and your pet and assess your pet sitting needs.


Before and After Hours- Additional $3 charge per visit

Holidays- Additional $5 charge per visit

Saturdays and Sundays - Additional $5 charge per visit

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