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Missy Johnson has truly been a gift to me and my dog Barkley. When we found her Barkley's best buddy, my husband had recently passed away and Barkley was missing him and having to adjust to a new schedule. Barkley is a rescue form the Anti-Cruelty Society. While he is a sweet and wonderful companion in many ways, he does have his issues. So I was concerned about having a walker for him while I was working, someone who could deal with him and gain his trust. From the first time we met her, Missy impressed me as a very loving person, even tempered, patient and very sweet to animals. It took her about three weeks of daily walks to win Barkley over, but she never wavered in her care and concern for him and in her deternimation to be his friend. Now he loves her and is full of kisses for her when she comes. It is such a gift of peace of mind for me to know that he is happy when he is with her and that she is committed to him and his good care. I heartily recommend her for anyone looking for a gifted animal lover and one who is responsible and reliable.


- Henrietta


I am a new client and feel very fortunate to have found Missy.  I was also new to the concept of hiring someone to watch my dog and so I felt some initial trepidation.  From her response to my job posting, then meeting her in person; I felt Missy's professionalism mixed with her warmth and personality made it easy to choose her to care for my pooch. I felt an immediate trust, but most importantly, I knew that my dog did. She is genuinely an animal lover and offers not just her time with your pet, but her heart. She communicates after each walk with a combination of efficiency & humor to help the absent owner feel at ease.  I am happy with her way of doing business, but most happy to have gained a new friend for both of us!                                           


- Gail

Carol Stream


When life threw us a curve ball that changed our daily schedules it became necessary to seek out a trusted individual to exercise our German Shepard. After searching around I made a call which resulted in Missy coming out. Our dog Annike, is forever vigilant n her duty to protect our home and is not keen on the idea of letting a new person in the house. I was pleasantly surprised when Missy was able to come in and slowly move around under the watchful and suspicious eyes of Annike. There was grumbling and whining but not a single bark. Over the course of a few days Missy worked her way into Annike's circle of trust, which is no small accomplishment. Missy understands dogs and clearly they understand her. Annike now looks forward to her daily walks, knowing belly rubs and fresh air are in store. In closing, I have to speak on Missy's character, much like Annike, I dont just let anybody in my house. It was an easy decision for me to trust Missy. She takes her job seriously and loves what she does. She gives the extra effort and communicates with me daily with a progress text. I recommend giving Missy the chance to care for your furry friend when you need the extra hand.


        - Tim & Szilvia

West  Chicago

Missy is reliable, trustworthy and thorough. Missy sits for my 2 cats at least once a month and I value her daily updates while I am traveling so much. Knowing she is there to feed, water and litter change my cats is a huge stress reliever. Missy goes above and beyond when needed by closing my curtains if I forget and bringing in packages and cleaning up the occasional hairball. I trust her completely to care for my cats.

I swear they miss her when they don't see her for awhile. She is so much more than just a cat sitter to us!

                                              - Amy

                                            Hanover Park

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